About Us



Montaña Linda Hotels, Spanish school Costa Rica and immersion trip programs are located 1½ hours away from San José, giving you a chance to escape the big city but not leaving you stranded from civilization. We are nestled in the heart of the safe colonial town of Orosi with it’s 13 thousand inhabitants and are surrounded by mountainous coffee fields offering you a spectacular view including Volcanoes Irazu and Turrialba in the distance.


Orosi and the surrounding area

There are tons of things to do in the Orosi be it adventure based  rafting, canopy, Tarzan swing and rock climbing or just taking advantage of Orosi’s natural surroundings including bird watching, national parks, hotspring pools, overlooks or many natural trails taking you throughout the beautiful valley. Salsa dancing, soccer and hot tubs nights all together give you the perfect balance of nature and culture and make a wonderful backdrop, perfect for travelers young and old traveling through Costa Rica or during your Spanish study experience in our Spanish language school.

Spanish Language School

Our Spanish language school offers you affordable Spanish Classes, not something easy to come by in Costa Rica. Our classes are structured to fit you and allow YOU to CHOOSE the direction and to set the pace. We can offer this, as our classes are usually PRIVATE ie; 1 student per teacher except during our high seasons when our class size ranges from 1 to 3 students maximum per class. Our school, which is located within 5-10 minutes walking distance from the Montaña Linda Hotels and homestay families, offers you clean comfortable learning atmosphere with a great inner court pond with open view of the mountainous surroundings.

Our hotels – the 5C’s: Clean, Cute, Cozy, Comfortable and Colorful

Our hotels, the most inexpensive in town, offer you accommodations for 10 guests in private rooms with bathrooms in the Guest House and 39 guests in private and dormitory rooms with shared bathrooms in our youth hostel. Our rooms are simple yet clean and cute offering you the choice to fit both your budget and style.

OTIAC – Orosi Tourist Information and Adventure Center

The Otiac Building is our “Kafe” style central location for our offices, tourist info, souvenir shop, and Spanish School. We presently offer all services listed below and our near future plans are to open it up to the whole town not only for classes etc but as a local community hang out where anything can happen from talent and poetry nights to just a nice simple language exchange atmosphere.

OTIAC Location

In the center of the tourist district of town, within 1 block of the Guest House and 3 blocks of the Hostel.

Open Seating Area

  • Free Wifi
  • Spanish Language Classes
  • Book exchange and book lending for children in both English and Spanish
  • Daily Costa Rica newspaper
  • Small conference room
  • Small library
  • Kids toys and books
  • Exchanges for language practice
  • Games
  • Garden reading area

Tourist office

  • Free local and national tourist info
  • Free bus schedules and maps
  • Tons of Brochures and info books
  • Car rental
  • Souvenirs & Orosi T-shirts
  • Postal stamps and service
  • Help with making reservations
  • Booking Adventure tours

The great Orosi community

With its 13 thousand inhabitants, welcomes, motivates and encourages your immersion to both language and culture as it is open to tourism but hasn’t let it change their typical way of living, allowing you to integrate and see what life is really like, while learning and practicing your language skills each day. Being a small town safety is not an issue allowing you to go out and not be afraid to practice and apply what you’re learning in turn permiting you to enhance your knowledge of the Costa Rican Language and culture in a more interactive way .

The town of Orosi services

Has 3 internet cafes, pool halls, typical Costa Rican bars, many restaurants and some great supermarkets with everything a traveler could need, all allowing you to enjoy your vacation in comfort. We, as owners, have been very accepted into the community due to our involvement in teaching English and service projects, which in turn rolls over to you our visiting guests, making you as welcome and accepted as we are!

How do we keep our prices affordable?

Although many other Spanish schools here in Costa Rica offer a Spanish package full of programmed extras we have chosen the alternative route. We keep our prices low by not including all the extras. If the student is interested in these extras then the cost is charged to the individual choosing the service instead of raising prices for everyone. We do not increase prices for high season, we do not include a 30 to 35% markup for commissions to venders and our marketing, including this website, is kept simple to ensure great service for a great price.

What makes us unique?

Our very typical Costa Rican town is “tranquilo” and welcoming to foreigners which makes for many “Natural” opportunities to get involved and practice Spanish. Our small school, hostel, guest house and town atmosphere makes meeting new people extremely easy be it foreigners or locals. Many guests find new travelling partners after sharing time together in Montaña Linda. That’s why we have many return guests and students, many referrals and the 2 most common travelling phrases here are “Once in Montaña Linda, you’ll always be back!” and “Orosi is my second home”