About the Guest House

orosivalleyhotels_guesthouse3cropDid you miss out on traveling when you were young? Are you staying in expensive hotels and still not meeting people? When asked, most people will tell you that their best memories of traveling were not only the sites they saw but the people they met!

The Guest House

The idea behind Montaña Linda’s Guest House is to offer accommodations with more privacy but still following in the idea of meeting and sharing with other travelers in a simple but cute atmosphere.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, the Guest House will allow you to live in more mid budget comfort, and yet have the same sharing experiences that go along with budget traveling. Sharing the common areas of the living room, dining room and kitchen will set the ambiance for warm friendships to begin.

The Guest House offers a “Things to do” including hiking trails book with “getting there” trail instructions helping you get around a bit easier. The Orosi town services info book is also available to get to know about more about the Orosi valley.

The Rooms

Our simple yet clean, comfortable, colorful and cute rooms with a view are equipped with a private bathroom, towels and a standing fan is available upon request.


EMail reservations have a minimum 2 or more nights booking.  1 night only booking can be made via telephone only. If you are traveling with children please make a reservation as our largest room fills quickly.


Located 1 block up the road from the OTIAC offices and Montaña Linda Spanish School Costa Rica this 45 year old house has been converted to hold 3 rooms upstairs all with private bathrooms, hot showers and a great view! The view from the Guest House is spectacular, putting volcanoes Irazu & Turrialba and the Orosi valley views at your door step… while leaving you breathless and feeling at home!


The Guest House has laundry service and a shared kitchen with fridge, stove and oven for guests use.  Please note there is NO microwave available at this time.   All accommodations at Montaña Linda’s – “Dragon Fly” Guest House are supplied with bottom & top sheets, blankets, pillowcases and towels so you don’t have to worry about bringing yours along. There are no mosquito nets in the rooms as it is not really necessary.