About the Spanish School

Montaña Linda Spanish School Advantages

One on one private lesson – 75% of the year – email for reservations.
Flexible – go at your own pace
The best prices in Costa Rica
All levels, and new classes starting every week
Multiple lodging options – including homestay

Start your vacation right by learning some Spanish! Located in a real Costa Rican small town our Spanish school  offers you not only great Spanish lessons at the Best rates around but also a perfect balance of nature and culture away from the distractions of the big city and beach. Our small classes are structured to fit your needs and allow students to set the direction of the class together with the teacher. You set the pace! Slow & Perfect or Fast & Compact. Grammar or Conversation. What ever you want to focus on we will accommodate.


Because of  our teacher student ratio (1 on 1 -75% of the year), we are popular for…

  • The traveler wanting to learn the basics or brush up on their current knowledge to enhance their trip
  • Language preparation for upcoming volunteer or missionary work projects
  • Brushing up your current knowledge
  • Prepping for exams
  • Troubled learners/Immersion tutoring
  • High School Spanish Immersion groups
  • Teacher continuous learning hours
  • Family learning vacations
  • Retiree’s looking to move to Costa Rica


Why study in the big city when paradise is around the corner! Study with us and have the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom in the beautiful and safe surroundings of the Orosi Valley if you should so choose to.  See the Orosi Valley tab for more information on “What I can do in the Orosi Valley”

Our school, with 7 classrooms centered around a pond and garden, offers you a comfortable learning atmosphere and is located within 300 meters of most hotels and no farther then 10 minutes away from any homestay family.

Duration and class schedules

We offer Spanish Class packages starting from 5 days to as long as you would like.  We offer only 3 hours of class per day as our student teacher ratio is usually 1 on 1 Private intense Spanish Lessons – which is the equivalent to that of a 4 hour group lesson offered by most Spanish schools in Costa Rica.

3 hours of private lessons is usually all that one can absorb in one sitting.

Classes are offered from Monday to Friday giving you the weekends to enjoy and relax in the natural surroundings.  Upon Sunday arrival students will receive learning materials to begin reviewing before classes on Monday.

Class times may need to rotate shifts during certain weeks of  January, June, July and August if student groups are present.  Class time schedules cannot be booked before hand unless based on working schedules or heath reasons.

Please take into account homework time, practice time and memorization time when making your daily schedule. Most students put aside at least a few hours for studying and practicing, leaving the rest for hiking and hanging out on the patio and around town!

Our Teachers

Our classes are taught by young motivated teachers that live within our little colonial towns.  Although our teachers are not university educated their personal training and many years of experience working with foreigners gives them an advantage that’s not to be overlooked.  Montaña Linda’s teachers have given 37,000 classes to 7,500 students in the past years.  Their classes consist of a combination of book learning, use of games, verb cue cards and articles, all in a fun learning environment allowing you to be able to speak all that you have learned.

Our Students

We accept students of all levels from children aged 4 to adults that have not been in the learning circle for many years and everyone in between. Our average age is 22-37 and guests come from over 30 different countries each year.  We are also very popular amongst the older crowd due to our price and atmosphere.  We can set a course structure for beginners up to advanced putting the emphasis on what is important to you. We understand that every person has a different style of learning and different goals and try to adapt our classes accordingly.


We have 3 accommodation options while taking classes: Hostel, Homestay and Guest House. Our package prices are based on what type of accommodations you are choosing to stay in.  For a beginners we suggest to spend the first week in one of our hotels and then stay with a family once you have a bit more of the language. Living with a family can be stressful with a new language, new culture, new food and a new people!

Make new friends

Our school and town atmosphere makes meeting new people extremely easy: be it foreigners or locals.  Many travelers find new travelling partners after studying together for a few weeks. That’s why we have many return students, many referrals and the 2 most common phrases here are “Orosi is my second home” and “I’ve learned more in 3 weeks then I have with years of classes in my home country”