Rafting, Canopy, Bungee, Tarzan swing and Rock climbing

These adventures can be organized through the OTIAC office.

Tapanti National Park

This 5000 hectare cloud forest is located approximately 12 km. from Orosi. Within the park you will find 3 beautiful trails taking you down to the river, up a steep hillside and down to a picnic and swimming area. There is also a cascading waterfall that can be admired from the mirador-overlook. Although it is difficult to see to see a lot of wildlife, the park is home to over 211 species of bird and many other forms of wildlife, and will offer you a wonderful day of hiking. Take the bike for the day and save the taxi ride.

Organic Paraiso Coffee Tour

This Organic coffee mill is located just outside of Paraíso, the town before coming down into the Orosi Valley. The tour will give you a look at a small family owned and operated organic coffee farm from the beginnings in the field to end roasting process. The full tour takes approximately 1.5 hours. Take your camera! Transport can be done by bus and taxi or by taxi directly from Orosi. This tour is available in the mornings and afternoons but must be booked in advance . Don’t forget to buy some ground coffee while you’re there…it makes a great gift!

Lankaster Botanical Gardens

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Lankaster Gardens is not only an orchid garden, but offers a wide range of plant species, sites and walking trails. You could easily spend two hours checking out the variety of plant gardens ranging from orchids to rainforest, bamboo to cactus, leading you through well marked trails and plant life. Take your book and spend an afternoon but don’t forget to bring your bug spray!

Local Orchid Farm Artisian Shop

Want something more local? Check out this local Orchid and plant farm. They have 2 thousand plants that they have been collecting for over 25 years. Anna can give you a quick tour, but if you need more technical information, go after 2:00 pm and her husband can give you all the orchid details your heart could desire.

Orosi Overlook

This overlook offers you a great view of both the valleys of Orosi and Cachi. Take a book and your camera and spend the morning. Combine the overlook with a trip to Lankester Gardens and you’ll have another wonderful day away, while still being close to home!

Juco & Purisil Stocked Trout Farms

These trout farms are quite nice and offer a wide variety of things to do within the grounds. All have a wide variety of plants and views. There are various stocked ponds which means almost anyone can catch a fish, unless you’re extremely unlucky. This trip can be done within one morning and works in good combination with Tapanti on the bike!

Monte Sky Mountain Retreat

This private reserve located in the mountains near the town of Purisil is a great alternative to Tapanti. There are 4 main trails taking you to waterfalls, the three peaks and more before coming back to the central area for the most spectacular view point we have seen yet. They have a little lodge where you can use the Bar-b-q and relax for a bit. For a spectacular day, start out with fishing at the trout farms then catch a lift to Monte sky, bar-b-q your fish and then hit the trails. If that is too much just take a book and enjoy the clean, refreshing and quiet trails of one of the nicest private reserves we’ve been to.
P.S. don’t forget to look for the lion, turtle and man’s face in the rocks on the left hand side of the large waterfall. They are the guardians of the waterfall.

Sugar Mill Tour

This 90 year old sugar mill has been passed down throughout the generations without too many changes. Even if you have seen the sugar process before, this will still be a treat. The whole process can usually be seen within a half hour and final product can later be bought in the “supermercado.” The mill is only open on Fridays from 5:00 am to 3:00 pm. They don’t always work each Friday and we never know in advance but the one hour walk is nice enough to be worth it. Ask Otiac to call and see if they will be working.

Orosi Church and Museum

This church is the most famous in Costa Rica as it is the oldest church still in use. Don’t let the outside appearance fool you… it’s quite spectacular! If you’re interested in the religious culture of a small town like Orosi, go and sit through a mass. Don’t forget to check out the artifacts on display in the museum, and keep your eyes open for the entrances to the hidden, and haunted, tunnels!

Warm Mineral Spring Pools

If we had to choose between the 2 swimming pools, the one up the road from Otiac is our favorite as they offer more “space to graze”. Both pools are clean and are supplied water by local hotsprings. If your eating in the restaurant, be sure to check your bill as they seem to have problems calculating.

Charrara Sports Park 

Charrarra sports park is a long walk or a quick taxi ride away, but if your looking for a sporty day away, you’ll be delighted. Charrarra is a sports park offering you a football field, basketball court, pool, picnic area and fishing facilities, and with a cheap entrance fee, you can’t ask for much more! Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and towel and if you still have enough energy, there are a few hiking trails as well. Great for families!

Bike and Motor Rental and tours

Orosi has bicycle and motorcycles for rent through Franciska and Freddy at the Swiss bakery at the corner down from OTIAC.   He offers hourly and daily rental and tours throughout Costa Rica. Be sure to organize your bikes in advance as he supplies all the travelers in town.

Entrance Prices (not including transport or guide)

  • Lankester Botanical gardens – $7.50
  • Tapanti National park – $10
  • Monte sky Reserve – $12
  • Orosi church & Museum – $2
  • Stocked pond fishing – $5
  • Sugar Mill – 90 years old and still operating – $2
  • Organic Coffee plantation – $15