Lonely Planet

“… Montaña Linda has a fun hostel environment … There are hot showers and kitchen privileges. Helpful, friendly owners Toine and Sara and staff are a good source of local information and organize tours in the valley. … They also run a small inexpensive language school, which has received recommendations from readers. Maximum class size is three, and teachers live in the village, so even without homestay (which can be arranged), part of the appeal is getting involved with the local community…”

Costa Rica Traveler

“Head to the Montaña Linda hostel and bed and breakfast … for the best rooms in town … The friendly Dutch/Canadian couple who runs the place is the region’s best source of information, and can arrange for you to rent bikes or additional valley tours.”

Traveler’s Point Forum

“If like me you’re serious about learning Spanish in a relaxed setting away from distractions like the beach, then Orosi could be the place for you. It’s a peaceful village nested in the mountains, with plenty to do if you like nature and prefer to explore the surroundings at your own pace rather than sign up for organised tours. There’s a friendly atmosphere and you’ll not only receive a genuine ‘hello’ from the locals you pass in the street, but they’ll also encourage your attempts to speak Spanish in the supermarket, bakery and internet cafe.”

“I was very impressed by the price of the course. It was one of the cheapest around and got great value for my money. I definitely recommend this school to everyone!!”

Trip Advisor

“We wanted to preview the language school for our eventual move to Costa Rica. They arranged pickup at the airport for us by the excellent Luis, a local driver. The Montana Linda is located in the ridiculously lovely Orosi Valley. The town of Orosi is the “real” Costa Rica with very few expat citizens. We stayed at the Guest House…”


“Montana Linda (which means “beautiful mountain” in Spanish) boasts that it is the second-cheapest language school in Costa Rica. I’m not sure which school is the #1 cheapest, but I don’t care, either. 😉 It’s hard to know if my needs would be equally well met if I were brand new to the language, but with six years in junior high and high school, and a semester in college, this place is meeting my needs very well…”

“It is hard to believe that we have spent two and half weeks here in Orosi at Montana Linda. We have been taking Spanish classes and checking out the many outdoor activities in the area, and slowly but surely this place has stolen its way into our hearts…” Blog

“I stepped out of the bus at Orosi, and the first thought that came to me was: Oh my God, I’ve stepped right into a scene straight out of a novel…”

MisterBooster Blog

“While at the Montana Linda, the hostel we stayed at in Orosi, we had a jam session. To me it was a bit of a funny idea at first, because there was only one other person at the hostel at the time along with the two of us and booster. So I thought it would only be like the three of us and the two owners/locals who came up with the idea. Well, that night…”

Barry – USA

Just wanted to let you know that I had an absolutely fantastic experience being at your school. You certainly know this already but the staff was fantastic, kind, generous etc. My profesora is an excellent teacher and she did a great job and taught me more in a week than I thought possible. I was sad to leave, hope very much to return, and will recommend you often.

Muchas gracias! PS- I am working as a healthcare volunteer here in Costa Rica and I plan to recommend you to my organization to train our incoming doctors when possible.

Ruth – Canada

My teacher and family made me feel very welcome. They were friendly even though I really couldn’t converse with them in the beginning.  I appreciate how they made a real effort. Thanks again for the friendly, safe and reasonably priced time in Orosi

Katherine – USA

My teacher was wonderful. We got along great and I learned so much in this past month. Although i know i didn’t get as much Spanish practice as the others I really enjoyed staying at the hostel. It’s a great relaxing atmosphere to come back to and in the month I’ve been here, I’ve seen so many guests extend their stay and even come back. This is because you and your staff have created such a friendly, welcoming and comfortable place. I WILL recommend this Spanish school package (not only for the price) to all my friends and I hope to also come back one day!

Susan – Canada

“I thought it might be awkward since I did not speak very much Spanish. It was soooooo much better than I expected. The families are great with people and want to get you involved with family activities. They are also excellent with the language barrier and made me feel completely at home, I will for sure will recommend Montaña Linda”

B, B & Booster

“The first two weeks of our time here in Costa Rica were in Orosi, studying Spanish and getting used to things. It’s a beautiful little valley with some of the friendliest people around.”

Hank – Canada

“There definitely is enough to do here within the Orosi valley, both natural and man-made. From hikes and places to visit to getting a hair cut or a tattoo, the Orosi valley and surrounding towns will keep you busy for weeks upon end! Simple and natural, low environmental impact and no tourist over kill … what more could you ask for!!”