Hostel FAQ

In the hostel we have space for 39 that share 5 bathrooms with showers and 1 separate toilet. The showers have hot water and the toilets are flush toilets. In town there is access to telephones and internet and wifi is available in the OTIAC building. The rooms do not have mosquito nets as it is not a problem here in the area.

Do you have lockers?

No at this moment we do not have lockers. If you are concerned about your belonging then we would suggest to pay the extra difference and have a private room so only you will have the only key.

Is the hostel quiet or rowdy at night?

Normally the hostel is quiet during the day as most people are studying or hiking but this depends upon the guests at night. Official quiet time on the patio is 10 pm and we do ask guests to continue their fun in the local bars if they are still going after 10 pm.

What type of beds do the private rooms have?

Our private rooms have doubles, 1 or 2 separate singles or a double with a bunk bed. An extra small sleep cot can be added for younger children. Just let us know if you have special needs when requesting a private room.

Do you organize any activities or do guests organize activities themselves?

We offer help in organizing pretty much anything through our free tourist info office at our OTIAC school office building. Most guests organize with the office and other students for activities around town and out of town tours.

Do you supply bed sheets and blankets for guests?

Yes we do provide bedding for all rooms in our hotels and homestay families.  Towels are only supplied to those in the Guest House or those in private rooms in the hostel.

Can I arrive outside of the 5 pm check in time?

A late fee is charged if arriving after 5PM.  Reservations go void after 6pm unless we are notified 24 hours in advance. Late arrivals must let us know when making the reservation.