Program Details

Whether you looking to add International Language studies to your group’s CV, or just get to know more about the culture and it’s people, Costa Rica and Orosi are a great place to fulfill all your group’s wishes from Spanish Language and culture, to service, adventure and nature, community and personal connections… we have it all!!


Being situated in the small town of Orosi, 1 hour away from San Jose, allows the opportunity to offer a more closely guided local community oriented program that encourages participants to not only exchange cultures, but to build strong personal connections with local family and community members. The ensuing confidence and growth felt by participants of both cultures encourages not just an exchange but an understanding and acceptance of both cultures giving participants a tear provoking, life changing experience that will become a strong influence on their future.

Program Customization

Taking Spanish is a must if you’re looking for integration. Our Spanish classes are custom made to fit each group’s needs and are the link to improving communication skills between participants and community. Our young motivated teachers not only teach grammar skills but incorporate everyday life knowledge of the Spanish language. Our fun and dynamic classes have a low student/teacher ratio allowing relationships to form between students and teachers helping to build a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and in turn build student’s language learning skills.

Most people imagine immersion trips for younger teens, but young or older these programs bring Language skills, meaning and understanding.

Integrated Program

Our deeply integrated program offers a study vacation supported by two bilingual hosts and a support network of loving families and community members. Chosen “Away” excursions include air conditioned buses and 3 star hotels with private accommodations for supervisors with meals and snacks included. Our intense orientation includes student handbooks and goal setting preparing students for their trip into the middle class small town life of Orosi’s hardworking families that have not only opened their houses but also their hearts. Our families can adjust to any dietary factors, necessary.

Set for Success

Home away from home our participants are closely watched over for security and health issues and are offered personalized guidance with any struggles of integration that may occur while being away from home. During their program, we encourage our participants to reach new heights by trying new things, conquering fears and living like the Costa Ricans which will give them a strong feeling of accomplishment…the key to a successful program.


Our away trips include rafting, volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs, national parks and wild life exposure. Our in town activities, outside of the classroom includes a combination of educational and environmental activities with the emphasis always being placed on cultural understanding and language

A Strong Community

Our belief is that tourism should directly benefit the community that has opened their hearts and shared their town. Following this our program has been carefully designed to be culturally correct, culturally fun and a financial benefit to the community as a whole normally helping approximately fifty different families within the community. Although there is room for changes in the program we have chosen listed activities as they work best for not only the participant but supervisors and community as well.

Big Advantages 

Compared to schools on the beach or in the city, Orosi is optimal for learning:

  • Classes here are smaller and less expensive than big touristy areas
  • The small town of Orosi is much safer than the big cities.
  • Fewer tourists, and more opportunities to practice with real locals.
  • Homestays are close by – only a 5-10 minute walk.
  • Orosi is a fun environment, but not as distracting as staying in the city or on the beach.

Keeping the field open before locking into an organization?

How does one choose in such a maze of options. Look for programs that are run by just one group of people and not contracting each area out to another business. The best run programs are ones that run and oversee every area of your Spanish Immersion group Trip. Go directly to the source if you can! If not go with smaller companies that have an invested interest that your program runs perfectly that your program is not just one of the hundreds that are going this year. Be sure the company specializes in your country of interest!