There are tons of “volunteer positions in Costa Rica” programs but they do usually charge you to be involved, usually $10.00-$20.00 a day (often includes 2/3 meals) which is applied to the costs of the project. Unfortunately it’s hard to track down the real ones that are really there to cover a need and not just there for show. Many students find their info from guidebooks, and then check them out once arriving here in Costa Rica before making any decisions.

The teaching opportunities in the public school system are getting limited as the government is trying to make sure that foreigners are not taking jobs away from Costa Ricans. As for a Paid “Short Term Volunteer”, there are options to work in Costa Rica but there is not a lot of info to be found in advance and as there are many people looking to do the same it makes it pretty competitive! With our Spanish school we do offer a discount to students studying Spanish that are willing to volunteer 6 hours a week, but it is in no way a paid job. Those that have found paying jobs do it via 2 or 3 different institutes in the Cartago area and are usually working at night!

Nursing or doctors require a ton of paperwork to volunteer in Costa Rican hospitals. If interested please book through a doctor volunteering program!