spanishschoolcostarica_ttd_dance8All standard activities booked upon arrival with the Spanish school office and each have minimum participant requirements.

Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia Dance class-minimum 5 particpants

Dance classes are offered upon request in the Spanish school office.

Soccer night

Soccer night is on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. The cost of both sides of the field is split up by those playing that evening. The Montaña Linda team normally plays against local teams but guests against guests works if there are enough willing participants.

Hot tub night

A hot tub night can be really special!! Offered once a month by us for free, and available upon request with 3 days notice for special occasions, activities or events. Soaking in the hot tub in a Costa Rican garden… what more could one ask for!!

Want an extra language practice activity? One on one private language exchanges 

Sign up for a one on one “Intercambio” with one of the many English students that would love some extra practice.  This is a great opportunity to not only meet local Costa Ricans and be more involved in the local culture but also to improve your Spanish language skills in a relaxed and practical way. Request a private exchange through Otiac. Your first private exchange is done at Otiac or at Montaña Linda and if both parties feel comfortable they can be extended into other areas of town like restaurants, hiking around the valley or visiting the Tico’s family.

Hostel Dinner night / Hotspring pool night party

This idea sprung from some guests many years ago and is great fun. Guest organize with all other guests in the hotel and homestays and each cooks something typical from their home country. We then celebrate eating and sharing together.

The hotspring pools are willing to open at night for a minimum of 15 people or more. Interested?? Our Spanish school teachers are usually up for the idea and can help get to the 15 people minimum.

Mariachi band rental

Surprise your loved one with a typical Costa Rican serenade. Please be sure to give us a few days notice to be sure the band is available!

Prices per person

  • Dance classes – $5
  • Soccer night – $5
  • Hot Tub Night – $30