• Groups can arrive at any time of year, but do remember that prices are higher during Christmas and Easter, and away trips costs increase during the Costa Rican tourism high season.
  • Remember local holidays. The local pilgrimage to Cartago is on Aug. 1 in the night and all day on the second. If any traveling is being done around the Cartago area please ensure sufficient time as streets are blocked, buses are packed and a regular trip of 1 hour can take up to 3. Schools are on holiday from mid December to mid February and during the first 2 weeks of July.  The Holy days are the Thursday and Friday of the Easter week.
  • Group dates are based on first come first served.
  • If not arriving from airport directly to Orosi but arriving mid trip please make sure your Orosi/Montaña Linda arrival and departure dates are clear. Please use the 24 hour clock when stating times. Groups must call Montaña Linda to confirm at least one week in advance to receive final details of directions etc.
  • Groups should also arrive mid morning i.e. 11:00 am if possible.
  • If  you are an organization sending more then 1 group to us each group coming to Orosi should have a few days separating them whenever possible.


  • All prices located in these web pages are general and can go up or down depending upon number of students dates of arrival and quantity of activities choices. Exact quote given upon request.
  • Flights, home country organizational meetings and insurances are not included in prices listed or in ANY quotes we give you.
  • We do not offer chaperones or supervisors for free. Price is added to participants costs.
  • Tour choices can also be made optional with payment being made by the student choosing to participate.
  • Buses are available 24 hours a day for out trips.
  • Tips and during the day store purchases are not included.


  • Our homestay families are available for groups taking a minimum of 4 Spanish classes.
  • Accommodation for non Spanish classes is in the youth hostel
  • We do not allow group camping on the property.

Group Numbers

Minimum group size is 10. We request that for every 10 students there is a supervisor. If the group is 10 but have both male and female students then one supervisor of each sex is required.


We do not allow groups to cook there own meals in the hostel.  Groups staying in the hotel will have meals in our restaurant or on the project site etc.  When staying in the family, breakfast and dinners are always included. Lunch is based on activities chosen but will be in homestay house, on project site, our restaurant or restaurant close to activity.


  • Group Classes are small in class size normally 3 or 4 students per class depending upon group size, with only your groups participants in classes together.
  • Class content focuses on language activities that will help participants communicate with their families and better understand Costa Rican culture.
  • Classes include homework that helps participants interact with their host families
  • If supervisors or teachers can make groupings based on level and best learning personalities that is the best. If not each participants will be tested the first day by our teachers and placed in groups accordingly.
  • Each class is 3 hours per day and time slot is based on what type of program and activities options you have chosen which in turn influences class time schedules.
  • We do offer classes on the weekend when a group is booked to have trips away during the regular week.

Homestay Family Notes

  • We normally put 2 participants per family, that way they still get the cultural experience but have someone else there for support with normal language difficulties.
  • When staying in the family, breakfast and dinners are always included. Lunch is based on activities chosen but will be in Homestay house, on project site, our restaurant or restaurant close to activity. Many groups have found it nice to be able to eat in our restaurant to have 1 foreign meal a day. Eating with the family is one of the main parts of the cultural experience, the food, the atmosphere and habits of the people. As for the food, it would be mainly rice & beans with a piece of meat and salad.
  • We do our best to keep families as close to home base as possible, but the farthest house is 10-minute walk away. We use our central office and school building as a base for meeting and get togethers with families so that participants and group leaders always have a place to meet up.
  • We ask that all participants budget money for arrival and goodbye presents for family members. A nice thought for a family gift would be if each participants could bring down their favorite board game that works in Spanish as well, like Jenga etc, that they could teach the family to help with breaking the ice in the beginning few days.
  • Laundry is included when staying in families for groups only.

Participant Profiles

Participants profiles are needed of groups staying more then 1 day.  We request that supervisors or teachers of the group also include personality details per participant to help in the homestay placement. The appropriate excel form will be sent to you to fill in and resend back.

Church Visit

If participants have a mid level of Spanish and are of the catholic religion we can arrange a visit to the church during mass to be able to say a little thank you to the community for their stay in Orosi.

Payments and Banking

  • Payments are sent in advance via international transfers. First half deposit is due 3 months in advance and final owing is due 1 month before arrival date.
  • There is a ATM in Orosi and a bank to exchange money. Sometimes individual cards do not work which would mean a trip to Paraiso – 10 minutes, or to Cartago – 30 minutes. Be sure that students have all cards activated for international use.


  • Please think about all members of your team when choosing your options. Check your physical, social abilities and time span to ensure that the proper options are chosen to enjoy your time to its fullest potential.
  • Please remember there is no consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed during time spent in Orosi. Any students found drinking or having sexual contact with community or group members will be asked to leave the project, town and/or country immediately.
  • All itineraries and budgets need to be reviewed for exactness. We are not responsible for missread or unread information.
  • Montana Linda is free of liability so be sure to have good insurance.