Reservations and Payments


After reviewing the prices located in their individual categories, please remember that we do not accept credit cards or travelers checks.  You may pay in your choice of Colones or US dollars cash only for all Montaña Linda & Otiac services including transport.

No deposit or pre payment needed with all Reservations being paid upon arrival.

Accommodation reservations: No refunds are given under any circumstances.  Email reservations have a minimum 2 or more nights booking.  1 night only bookings can be made via telephone only.

Spanish package reservations:  Cancellation of Any classes and/or packages has a cancellation fee of $50 per person.  Any changes in schedules and options must be done before Friday 5:00 pm. Any changes after Friday 5:00 pm have a rescheduling fee of $25 fee per person added to your bill.  Any changes from Monday on will have an additional $50 rescheduling fee per person added to your existing bill.

Reservations FAQ- If you are arriving within 1 week or less please call the office directly to make reservation on time.

If you are unsure of your plans and would prefer just calling the office directly a reservation can be done on the spot as long as we have space and you have all the information ready.  Our number here in Costa Rica is 2533-3640.

  • Transport trips back to the airport and other transport or tours can ONLY be organized upon arrival!
  • We trust and respect you by not charging deposits or prepayments so please respect us by letting us know if you have any changes!

How do reservations work?

If you are interested in making a reservation all at once then mark “make a reservation” on the email. To make a reservation final the email must have exact dates included, with arrival date and length of stay. We will then start your reservation chart. Once all the last few questions are answered and all information has been received you will be asked to confirm one more time that you would like to “make your booking a final reservation” to receive your final confirmation via e-mail and that’s all …no deposit or credit card numbers necessary with payments being done after arriving. Remember we do not accept credit cards or travelers checks, so payment is in cash only be it Colones or US dollars only. If something changes it would then be on your part to let us know. If you find that you are running behind and will not make it by 5:00 pm please let us know or else we will consider your reservation to become invalid.

Other considerations when making reservations

  • Please remember that it is very important to have a reservation for high season January through March and June, July & August.
  • Please be sure to use the mm/dd/yy formula for dates and the 24:00 system for times.
  • Please be clear…not the 21-29 but arriving on the 21 and checking out on the 29.
  • If you should have any change please email the changes up until one week prior.  All cancellations after that time must be made by phone.

Please make sure emails from and are not filtered as spam.