Volunteer in Orosi

Are you interested in doing some good while visiting Orosi.
Volunteer with us!

cherie1Hotel Host:
Working hours: 
Evenings from 5:00-9:30 pm for any after hours checkins and miscellaneous details.
1 full day per week including cleaning rooms and bathrooms.

1 day off per week                    
Free Private Room
Spanish classes at a special Volunteer price of $20.00 usd per each 3 hour class.

Host Program Requirements:
Host 2 month minimum-all year round.
Please send Resume/CV with photo as an attachment by email including your dates of interest.

Internships also available. Internship information supplied upon request. Internship-6 month minimum – anytime throughout the year.



Guest Volunteer:
Receive a 10% Discount on any 1 month Spanish package or accommodation package for 6 volunteer hours per week teaching English in our volunteer exchange Costa Rica Program.  With your help, our great community connections and onsite school we together have the wonderful opportunity to be able to give a bit back to the community that so gracefully hosts us and you our guests each year.  Are you interested in a shorter time? There is no discount offered but your can still participate in the exchange program.  Just let the Spanish School office know you are interested.

In Town Volunteer Postings:
Volunteering can be done from from February through May and September through November of each year. These postings change periodically. All placements are organized only upon arrival and based on acceptance by local program. 1 month minimum required. The Individual volunteer programs offer are based in the social area usually teaching or assisting in schools or in educational type programs.

The local nutrition, public grade school and high school sometimes take volunteers but it cannot be booked until arrival in Orosi and meeting the head teacher. Volunteering in these 3 locations is getting a little tricky as their insurance policy doesn’t cover volunteers and they are afraid to go against the regional office’s rules with non students and non faculty on the premises. If you’re interested in doing some other type of volunteer work while here in Orosi, you’d need to see what’s available once you’re here in town. Volunteer info available from our Otiac offices!

* Local grade school in Paraiso would love to have you join them! Teaching English and helping out around the school. Great director and staff! 3-5 hours per day*

What is the best time or is there any time that’s NOT good to come to volunteer?

If your main goal is to volunteer in Orosi town placements, we would suggest to avoid December, January and Feb as most social programs are on summer vacation and the first 2 weeks in July as this is holiday and exam time.

What other types of social programs are there in Orosi and surrounding areas?

It’s a small town so there is NO seniors home, orphanage or hospital. As mentioned above most work in town is in the area of teaching with possibilities in the Nutrition center or public school or high school. This would normally have volunteers helping with or teaching English.