Travelling FAQ

I am very interested in travelling around Costa Rica during and after taking Spanish classes with you. Does the school organize excursions, or does it regularly recommend a travel agency, etc. that does this?

We can definitely help you with ideas & information and help you book things in both Orosi and Costa Rica but we do not recommend any particular travel agency as most agencies offer tours at extremely high prices so we suggest that you go straight to the source.

What is your choice between the Nicoya peninsula or Osa peninsula?

Nicoya is more sporty/trendy and Osa more outdoorsy/nature based activities.

Can you get by travelling in Costa Rica without Spanish?

You will obviously enjoy your travels more if you have some of the language, be it even the basics from a Costa Rican language School, but if you don’t mind feeling a little silly you can get by without Spanish. Please remember that if you are planning to go into small non touristy towns that most people will NOT speak English or any other language.

When is high season and does it really make that much of a difference in Toursim travel?

High season is from December to April. Although the weather is the main difference you will also notice that there will a lot less crowds during the “green season”. Many hotels offer low season prices and if the season has been slow you can get some good deals.

I’m will be travelling in the mid-budget range and staying in a Costa Rican family while I’m with you. What do you suggest that I pack?

Bringing or buying your own towel is always a good idea but bed sheets are provided by the hotels and host families. Think about bringing a sleeping bag or extra blanket as it does get cold sometimes in the evenings in the mountain areas or on big mountain hikes like Chirripo etc.

What is your advice about working or volunteering in Costa Rica?

Many travelers like the idea of doing something for the world around them during their travels. A greater awareness of the world often brings a greater awareness of what can be done to help…therefore volunteer opportunities are the latest trend here in Costa Rica. In addition to donating your time and energy, it often provides a way to extend your trip, as volunteer opportunities generally provide food and lodging at a reduced rate.

There are so many volunteer programs in Costa Rica right now that it is hard to give you a personal opinion. I would suggest that you check into why they offer the program. Is it because of a real need in the community or just a way for the business to make an extra income. If you know of any real volunteer projectsts, please let us know so we can pass on the good, or bad news to your fellow travelers.

Need some hands on info… jump on the thorn tree travel threads from Lonely planet. Most travelers with the real scoop list their thoughts their.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of jobs in CR for foreigners as the government has been cracking down. Teaching English can be done in any small town but the chances of making enough money to live off of it is very unlikely. Job posting are also found on the Tico Times website, a local English speaking on-line newpaper, or by word of mouth once arriving.

Remember that most paying jobs will pay about $2.00 to $5.00 per hour.