Hostel Prices

Prices are per night with Shared Bathrooms. Prices include all taxes and do not include transport or breakfast. Minimum 2 nights needed for email reservations. 1 night reservations can be booked on or


$11 per night

Private Rooms

  • Single occupancy: $20 per night
  • Double occupancy: $26 per night ($13 per person)
  • Triple occupancy: $39 per night ($13 per person)
  • Quad occupancy: $52 per night ($13 per person)


$10 per load

Airport pickup

  • $120 each way, including 2 persons. $5.00 each additional person.
  • $15 per hour for waits in between flights.
  • Airport pickup fee is to be paid directly to the driver upon arrival in Orosi.

Note: If you will not make it out the airport doors within 2 hours from the time your plane has landed due to lost luggage etc. you must call us or after 2 hours we will assume that something has happened and you have missed your flight and will send the driver home. You will still be charged for the pickup.